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How Dalycom Started, by Tony Daly (Founder)

The year BT lost the monopoly on supplying and selling telephones I was made redundant and the interest generated by the freedom to have styles of handset different from BT black or cream seemed to be a good business opening.

Using sales skills and experience of many years I started to canvas Leicestershire’s Industrial Estates selling phones and small systems door to door. The first office was rented space in a city centre store room. A chance sight of an advert on a delivery lorry inspired a visit to the headquarters of a national clothing retailer who became our first major company client.

The storeroom was soon vacated for offices on Rutland Street and a couple of years later we bought property on Aylestone Road. As the company grew even though we extended into next door, we needed more space and the present office at Mountsorrel was purchased.

Communications today are far more complex and sophisticated and require different operational and installation skills, but the company is still dependent on good salesmanship to bring in the business. The quality and loyalty of all the staff is something I am very proud of.


Anywhere, Any Place, Any Device

We use our 30 years of experience in business communications and IT to improve your customer’s journey, manage staff performance and provide cost effective solutions using the latest developments in technology.

We believe every decision is a combination of emotions and not just logic.

As a family company, we understand how important it is to make your business a success and boost productivity whilst helping to lower costs.